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Karleigh & David

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

September 4, 2022 Glen Manor House | Portsmouth, RI

Photographer: Sara Zarrella

One of our favorite weddings of the season

One of our favorite weddings of the season was that of Karleigh & David. Glen Manor House hosts an exclusive event experience as each room offers a slightly different landscape. The uniqueness of the location allows for vendors like Cherryhill Flowers, to really explore and design outside the norm of simply "tables". Below you'll find and ornate mantle piece brought together by a display of bridesmaids bouquets. Different from the others: Karleigh's bridal bouquet also features delicate pure white Ranunculus. Traditional blue and white hydrangea paired with white roses naturally variated and with hints of Scabiosa Pods are seen draping the reception tables. The head table is set slightly outside the main dining room and library, a marble terrace overlooks the serene Sackonnet River. It features a handspun cascading drape of florals. A mix of Monet style candle holder in varying heights bring ambiance and a classic feel. In the ballroom, guests were greeted by a fabulous floor standing stage setter, composed of over 10 feet of coordinating pieces to help guide guests when getting down to the beat of the band! A truly classic and elegant design! Writer: E.J. Events Specialist, Cherryhill Flowers

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