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Victoria + Garrett

Updated: Jun 2

June 4, 2023 Regatta | Newport , RI

Photographer: Hedi Field

The Event to Remember

Celebrating Victoria and Garrett’s first anniversary brings back the magic of their unforgettable wedding day! It’s been one amazing year since we helped make their dream florals a reality. Their wedding was a true testament to the transformative power of flower and design with every detail meticulously planned and executed to perfection. From the Regatta venue that swiftly transitioned from simple elegance to glamorous splendor, to the floral masterpieces that adorned every corner, their day was nothing short of spectacular.

The dock, featured long runner, and the chairs were adorned with delicate petals, leading to the breathtaking ocean view arbor, a floral fantasy come to life. The couple’s choice of hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus, snapdragons, and baby’s breath was devine!

As guests entered the reception, they were welcomed by an artful arrangement of centerpieces, both grand and intimate, perched atop clear illusion-glass stands. The head table, a regal twenty-foot farm-style setting, was crowned with a lush floral runner, intertwined with hydrangea, baby's breath and roses.

Victoria’s bridal bouquet, a sleek cascade of orchids, baby’s breath, and roses, was a masterpiece of design, each flower placed with intention and care. The event’s pièce de résistance was the ingenious repurposing of the floral arbor, which, from the first kiss to the last dance, found a new home in the reception area, illuminated by the couple’s neon sign—a beacon for memories captured in photographs.

We feel incredibly honored to have been a part of Victoria and Garrett’s special day. Wishing them a happy anniversary and a lifetime of joyous moments!

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