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Mariana & Samuel

December 31, 2022 Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel| Boston, MA

Photographer: Bay Productions

Party like it's 2023!

Mariana was referred to Cherryhill by a friend and came prepared with a clear vision for her wedding. She drew inspiration from past clients and added her own personal touch along with Sam's. The floral arrangements were a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with the bride opting for a tightly wrapped, all-white bouquet and smaller designs for the bridal party, who wore stunning champagne dresses. The groomsmen complemented the bridal party with classic white roses and black suits with bowties.

The ceremony was breathtaking, with Christmas greens adorned with soft LED lights and deep red poinsettias. The reception was equally stunning, with tall trumpet vases filled with heavy hydrangeas, flat eucalyptus, and light pink garden roses. The compact designs were at table level, ensuring everyone could enjoy the ambiance of the room.

Truly a spectacular evening.

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